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WE WOOD: Timepiece Collection

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You might remember our first post about WE WOOD, but since then the brand has grown so much and mastered their craft even more.  The watches above are a part of their latest collection.  As you know, the majority of the watches are made from 100% natural wood, including the case, band and face.  The two watches are the Chrono and the Date watch, which are my two current favorites from WE WOOD.

These should be available now at all WE WOOD suppliers as well as their website.  Check it out asap!


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We Wood… Would You?

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We Wood watches are bringing the Green movement to the fashion scene.

As we all know, the wooden accessory movement has made it’s way into the fashion industry through brands such as GoodWood, W-Shock and North Skull but We Wood is changing the game on everyone.  With a purchase of one of their awesome watches, they indirectly reimburse your purchase by planting a tree in an urban area or in a struggling ecosystem.  Now, if you aren’t aware of the condition of our environment let me inform you… each tree makes a huge difference.  We Wood has teamed up with American Forests, which is our nation’s oldest non-profit conservation organization (1875).  This year, these two have come together to plant 4.8 million trees to help recover our air, water and wildlife.  Not only are you helping our environment but you’re also getting an incredible timepiece.  These watches run with the ever-trusted miyota movement method and are made with 100% natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic wood.  A watch like this can not only bring confidence in your appearance but you can have a very nice response when someone says, “Hey, i love your watch!”


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