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Nike LeBron 9: The Scarface

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If I was as cynical as some, I could make the claim that this is the perfect theme for a shoe.  The most overrated NBA player of our time designs his shoe after the most overrated movie of our time.   I could go that route because really once you’ve seen a gangster movie, you’ve seen them all.  I could go that route because LeBron is 7 years into his career with no rings and limited clutch performances. Why is the urban culture so attracted to Scarface?  His progressively gets worse until he dies, and we idolize that?  Before I continue to piss off readers that adore LeBron and/or think Scarface is a classic motion picture, let me get to the point:  the shoes.

The shoes are dope!  Bet you didn’t expect me to say that after I just ripped LBJ and Scarface like that, did ya?  Well, I said I wasn’t going to go that route.

I really do like these.  The black/white/red/silver is always a perfect combo. This shoe just works for me.  I could hoop in this or I could rock them to an event where I want to look fly.  They have that kind of versatility that a lot of basketball shoes, especially LeBrons, don’t have.   In case you haven’t noticed, the shoes match the movie poster nicely and also go along with the fact that LeBron is in Miami now, just like Tony Montana was in Scarface.

Pick these up at Marquee Sole because, as usual, they got them first!

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Homecoming King? — LeBron returns to Cleveland.

LeBron doesn’t change his pre-game ritual, even in his old city.

38 points. 8 assists. 5 rebounds. 30 minutes. How many times has LeBron James achieved those statistics in Cleveland, OH at Quicken Loans Arena?  You’d need a calculator to figure that one out, but how many times has he done that as an opponent of the Cleveland Cavaliers?  Last night was the first time of many to come.  In less than three full quarters of basketball, King James single handedly embarrassed the Cavs.  A friend of mine who attended the game texted me midway through LeBron’s 24 point 3rd quarter assault and said,

“Dude, LeBron isn’t even playing.  He’s talking to fans during live play.”

After he texted me that, I remember just after half time seeing LeBron in the warm up lines attempting to talked to his ex-teammate.  Here’s how that went:

Harsh?  But, wait…it does get worse.

If you didn’t catch on, read the lips of the Cavs assistant coach…

With all the above in mind, it is obvious to see that LeBron was genuinely sad.  Some may argue that, but deep down, LeBron James was a sad man.  That leads me to the question, does he deserve this kind of treatment?  I say no.  Absolutely not.  Here are some facts that cannot be argued or denied.  LeBron James is a PAID, professional athlete.  LeBron James is a human.  LeBron James in on the Miami Heat.  Those cannot be denied in any any way, shape, or form.  Now, this is why fans in Cleveland remain bitter.  They THOUGHT LeBron James was their property and could never play for another team.  Wrong.  They THOUGHT LeBron James was a superhero.  The evidence for that is the scrubs they placed around him in hopes of a title.  They suck.  Lastly, they THOUGHT LeBron James would put the city before himself.  Wrong again.  Every individual needs to look after self first in most decision making situations, thats how humans survive.

The bottom line is that the city cannot be an enemy to LeBron James anymore because, in the end, they will just end up even MORE unhappy.  LeBron James will, without a doubt, put up similar numbers against the Cavs for the rest of his career.  If you ask me, he had a 60 point game on his radar last night had he not sat the entire 4th quarter.  The fans nor the players can stop his dominance, which result in more unhappiness from the fans.  Also, as the fans hang on to this grudge, its hurting their team.  Their focus is still on Lebron, who is GONE.  Instead of cheering for their team they are more concerned on a man who is not on the team.  Lastly, with all the hatred they’ve expressed its going to guarantee that James will NEVER return to play for the Cavs.  Your probably thinking, “…but Cleveland doesn’t want him back.”  You’re dead wrong.  Cleveland would take back King James at any given time because they have never and will never see a player like him again.  The bottom line is, the grudge between the city of Cleveland and LeBron James needs to end.  It fuels a fire in a man who is truly the most dangerous athlete in the world and continues to embarrass the bitter people of Cleveland.  Stop the hate, and everyone will win.


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