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Nike LeBron 9: The Scarface

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If I was as cynical as some, I could make the claim that this is the perfect theme for a shoe.  The most overrated NBA player of our time designs his shoe after the most overrated movie of our time.   I could go that route because really once you’ve seen a gangster movie, you’ve seen them all.  I could go that route because LeBron is 7 years into his career with no rings and limited clutch performances. Why is the urban culture so attracted to Scarface?  His progressively gets worse until he dies, and we idolize that?  Before I continue to piss off readers that adore LeBron and/or think Scarface is a classic motion picture, let me get to the point:  the shoes.

The shoes are dope!  Bet you didn’t expect me to say that after I just ripped LBJ and Scarface like that, did ya?  Well, I said I wasn’t going to go that route.

I really do like these.  The black/white/red/silver is always a perfect combo. This shoe just works for me.  I could hoop in this or I could rock them to an event where I want to look fly.  They have that kind of versatility that a lot of basketball shoes, especially LeBrons, don’t have.   In case you haven’t noticed, the shoes match the movie poster nicely and also go along with the fact that LeBron is in Miami now, just like Tony Montana was in Scarface.

Pick these up at Marquee Sole because, as usual, they got them first!

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