[loh·koh] – Verb, Adjective

1835 American English from Mexican Spanish

1.)   To cause craziness or intense actions (v).

2.)  Crazy (adj).

3.)  Out of one’s mind or hard to control (adj).



[moh·tivs] – Noun, Adjective, Verb

1325 Middle English from Medieval Latin

1.)   Something that causes one to act in a certain way (n).

2.)  Prompting action or motion (adj).

3.)  To motivate (v).


Loco Motives Design is a design company based out of Indianapolis, IN.  Our primary focus is in fashion.  We are a high-quality, high-fashion streetwear brand.  Along with that, we also produce many fashionable accessories.  Our additional focuses include: a variety of art forms, graphic design, web design, entertainer representation and event marketing.

Our mission is to reach out to a wide variety of individuals through as many outlets as possible. 

Our products should be valued as a form of self-expression and a motivation for you to strive for success, no matter the circumstances..


Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay Humble.

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