Ateliers Arthur “Tuskegee”

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A sneaker that combines US History with current fashion.  Incredible.

Ateliers Arthur is a brand that prides themselves on superior craftsmanship, flawless material selection, and undeniable fashion.  Above is one of their latest releases, the Tuskegee.  This is a phenomenal shoe.  Inspired by the footwear of our heroic airmen who battled in World War II, the Tuskegee really reflects on the creators’ passion for versatility, fashion, and innovation.  The shoe features a 100% original strap-style exterior which is made up of a 3 strap enclosure that come together on the other side of the shoe, forming a lace cover.  The Tuskegee has a traditional lacing system, as well as a zipper to ensure comfort and effortless removal.  The combination of a leather shoe, suede trim, rubber soles, and stainless steal buckles make this the ultimate fashion statement.  I cannot imagine a more versatile show… Bravo.


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  1. ex-fan

    great shoes indeed!

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